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Cylinder Features

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    Continuous improvements in manufacturing technology and advanced statistical process control have enabled Continental Motors to hone in on the center of the tolerance band. 



    • As a corrosion-resistance and initial break-in measure, barrels also receive a manganese phosphate coating.
    • Plateau honed finish created by a two-step hone process resulting in less friction, more contact area, and enhanced hone pattern.

    CYLINDER HEADS are machined on computer controlled machining centers. Custom designed computer controlled equipment is used in the assembly of the critical head to barrel joint.


    • Advanced automotive style one step valve guide and seat machining for excellent valve sealing.
    • High flow venturi intake valve seats allow for improved flow and efficiency.
    • Intake valve process utilizing a gradual curved geometry improving airflow and efficiency.
    • Precisely matched cylinders eliminate the need for volumetric flow codes.
    • Use of corrosion resistant, stainless steel exhaust studs.
    • Exhaust valve rotators for reduced wear.
    • Through bolt or double bolt retained rocker shafts to reduce wear
    • Increased cylinder choke maintains compression, providing for improved cylinder performance.

    PISTONS are designed to be extremely wear resistant.


    • Advanced anti-friction graphite coated piston skirts enhances break-in during initial startup and reduces wear.
    • Ring groove protector maintains integrity of top compression ring.